ya, repara tu bici y punto.

bike repair manual

Bike Repair Videos & Manuals Complete Training Course – Contains over 200+ step-by-stepprofessional bike repair videos & hundreds of illustrations, photos and easy to follow instructions.
Learn how to fix, maintain or upgrade any bicycle– Covers road, race and mountain bikes, from the simplest repair procedure to the most complex. No stone is left unturned!
No matter if you’re an amateur or a professional, you’ll learn the secrets and techniques of bike repair mechanics.
Answers all your questions, shows you the short-cuts with detailed specifications, exploded views, and photographs


Fact is, you can learn a lot watching bike mechanics “operate”. You can learnwhat tools to use, and how to apply them, and what pieces fall out when you take something apart.

But who has time to hang around a bike shop? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a book & video course that shows you what to expect, and how to deal with it? This is where DIYBikeRepair comes in.

Customer Reviews:

“After watching these videos for the second time, I went to tear every part of my bike apart, and more importantly, successfully put it back together! This book makes it fun to work on bikes!

The course is well presented, funny, informative, and covers almost everything. I highly recommend it to anyone who owns a bike and is interested in learning to maintain it! “

Robert Gross
Philadelphia, PA


“This is a course that anybody with a bike needs. It covers all aspects of bike mechanics from the simplest, like choice of tools, to more complex, like working on the power train. There is a lot of practical advice about dealing with problems on the road such as straightening the front end after a collision, to replacing broken spokes.”

Ralph Davis
Canton, OH


“This is a great instructional video series for bicycle maintenance. It is written so that a novice in bicycle repair can understand the procedures. There is a chapter on how to disassemble and repair each aspect of your bicycle in detailed form. The book covers all different types of components on both road and mountain bikes.

The instructions are easy to follow. The pictures are clear, and one can easily see what the presenters are talking about. This course makes a great reference manual and will enhance one’s basic knowledge of bicycle mechanics.”

Ross Wilson
London, UK


“The best videos for bike repair and maintenace I’ve ever had. Good, clear text and instructions made it easy for me to understnad what to do and why. It enabled me to completely overhaul my bike last winter, and now it rides great ”

Perry Bieves
Canberra, Australia


“I have to say before getting DIYBikeRepair, I was a little worried it would be to advanced for someone so mechanically challanged to follow but it details just about every thing you would ever want to do on a bike that even someone like me can follow.”

Kyle Feltz
High Springs, FL


“I have a 1999 mountain bike that I love and want to maintain. All of the problems that i’ve encountered have been addressed in the book. Each chapter on repair has a quick reference diagnosis chart.

If you don’t already know much about bike repair, but love your bike, this is for you!”

Marshall Downs
Santa Fe, NM


“One of the best book there is out there as for quality of pictures, angle of pictures, technics, hints, trick of the trade, etc. The book covers most bikes. It contains colored pictures, notes and tips on almost every page and is very well explained.”

Bethany Gaines
Clermont, FL


“I used this baby to take apart that Target bike I had hanging in the garage for 5 years. It was great, it had everything, even the cheap cruddy gear on my bike was covered, and I managed to put the bike back together again too!

I discovered there was more to chain lube than that old can that you pushed on the bottom and dripped oil on the chain with. I am a complete neophyte (mechanically speaking) took this bike to pieces and it went back together with not one screw left over. Highly recommeneded!”

Jaime Burt
Quebec, Canada


“I got DIYBikeRepair in anticipation of receiving a bicycle purchased off the internet, as I knew the bike would need assembly and a good amount of adjusting. After purchasing this course, I got all the info I needed to get the bike up and running, and it included many vital tips I would not have known otherwise.

Basic stuff like how to adjust seat and handlebar position and angle were well explained. But what was truly a saving grace for me was the chapter on disc brake assembly, adjustment, and care. That chapter alone was worth the book purchase. In short, this book will make bike ownership safer, more fun, and more satisfying.”

Seth Mosley 
Monroe, NY


“I owned an old Trek 800 for 8 years, and rode it until the wheels fell off. I never did much maintenance on it, and I told myself that when I upgraded to a new bike, I would learn to do the maintenance myself. Well, I got that new bike, and have been keeping it in pristine condition because of DIYBikeRepair. I highly recommend it. It’s entertaining, informative and easy to follow and find what you need.”

Gerald Boyle
Norfolk, UK


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Vivo y Trabajo en N,Y.. soy Mujer Emprendedora, y me gusta disfrutar en el proceso. en los ultimos veinte anos de mi vida, le he sentido mas gusto a lo que vivo del dia a dia. me gustan lo retos que parecen no tener ni esqueleto ni alma, y la mas grande alegria es cuando de un poquito de tierra aparece, Una Pared o una puerta. en los ultimos dos anos y mas, he vendido en el internet. y me ha gustado lo que ha pasado, lo que mas me gusta es que hay dinero para pagar lo hay que pagar, y eso me motiva en gran manera. Tengo dos gatos y los nombres los enlistare por orden alfabetico los dos son mis fieles companeros..Sebastian Jones, Pierre Jones Me Gusta la Vida, y me gusta mas sin Menopausia..
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