Reparando tu bici y, ya!

Comprehensive, practical video and book guide to the essentials of bike maintenance and repair
For beginners and pros. Designed to teach the beginning cyclist how to perform basic tasks and the experienced cyclist how to carry out advanced repair techniques
Step-by-step, clear, detailed 200 part video series – like apersonal trainer guiding you. Skip and choose between topics and chapters as you like!
Highly illustrated manual with clear color photos. Learn the maintenance needs of different bikes, shows how the parts of a bike fit together, and tells you how best to use your tools to perform basic tasks such as cleaning and lubricating.
Incredibly detailed. Everything is broken down by chapters for the various mechanical systems of the bicycle and educates you on the various technologies and tools involved.
You will learn all tricks of the trade and acquire techniques that the professional repair shops don’t want you to know.


– Leo Williams
Professional Racer
USA Cycling Org.
A Must For Anyone Who Is Serious About Biking… 

“Haynes is famous for automobile and bike repair books, and this is even better than those.

All photos are in color, the steps are broken down and illustrated clearly, with the use of tools shown explicitly. Very nicely done. DIYBIkeRepair is a must for anybody who is serious about biking.”

There is simply too much to list but to get a better idea of what is included, see the list below:

General Repair & maintenance

Cleaning, Lubricating and Troubleshooting
Gear System Overview
Service and Replace Cables, Cassettes Service and Replace Chainsets
Adjust Indexing & Gear Ratios
How to Adjust a Bikes Headset
How to Adjust a Bikes Hub
How to Adjust a Bottom Bracket
How to Change a Bicycle Chain
How to Change a Bicycle Tire
How to Adjust Bicycle Handlebars
How to Change a Flat Bike Tire
How to Check a Bikes Hanger Alignmen
tHow to Fix a Bicycle Spoke
How to Choose Fenders for Your Bike
How to Cut a Bikes Cable Housing
How to Determine the Correct Saddle Height for Your Bike
How to Fix a Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off
How to Fix a Rusty Bicycle Chain
How to Fix a Slipped Bicycle Chain
How to Install a Threadless Stem for Your Bike
How to Install Bar Ends for Your Bike
How to Prevent Rust in Your Bike Frame
How to Replace a Bikes Brake Pads
How to Replace a Bikes Chain Rings
How to Replace Bike Grips
How to Replace Bike Handlebars
How to Tape Handlebars on a Road Bike
How to Adjust Bicycle Handlebars
How to Adjust the Brakes on Your Bicycle
How to Convert a Bike to Fixed Gear
How to Fix a Poorly Shifting Bicycle
How to Install a Quill Stem for Your Bike
How to Pedal the Correct Revolutions Per Minute
How to Set Up Your Road Bike for Racing
How to Tighten or Loosen Bicycle Brakes

Easy D-I-Y Series

Change the Stock Tires on a Bike
Change Your Bicycle Seat Angle
Deflate a Bicycle Tire
Find Your Seat Height
Install a Bicycle Tire
Install Bicycle Handlebars
Install Bicycle Pedals
Install Break Levers on a Bicycle Handlebar
Install the Shifter Lever on Bicycle Handlebars
Pick Bicycle Handlebars
Remove a Bicycle Seat
Remove a Flat Tire from a Bicycle Wheel
Remove Bicycle Pedals
Remove Handlebars on Your Mountain Bike
Remove Tires from Mountain Bikes
Tips for Adjusting Your Bicycle Seat Height
Tips for Bicycle Seats
Tips for Changing a Bicycle Tire

Custom Gears and Parts

Changing a Mountain Bike Front Spindle and Derailleur
Going From Three to Two Bike Chain Rings
How to Change a Bikes Handlebar Stem
How to Change a Derailleur
How to Change a Gear Cassette
How to Change Chain Rings
How to Change Stock Parts
How to Install a Mountain Bike Gear Cassette
How to Install a New Bike Handlebar Stem
How to Remove a Gear Cassette
How to Remove a Handlebar Stem
How to Remove Chain Rings
How to Replace Small Chain Rings
How to Store Gear Cassette After its Removal
Learn Handlebar Stem Adjustments
Replacing Chain Rings

Mountain Biking Safety

Choose the Right Cycling Clothing
How to Check the Tire Pressure
How to Conduct a Brakes Safety Check
How to Conduct a Wheel Safety Check
How to Fall Gracefully
How to Jump Off a Mountain Bike
How to Shift Gears
Learn About Clipless Pedals
Learn How Gears Work on a Mountain Bike
Learn the Different Pedal Systems
Pick a Properly Fitting Helmet
Pick the Right Tool Kit
Understand Safety Gear for Mountain Bikers
Understand Shifting Problems
Understand Trail Rules

General Information

How to Buy a Bicycle
How to Buy a Road Bike Fork
How to Buy a Used Bike
How to Buy Rain Gear for a Bike
How to Determine the Correct Frame Size
How to Determine Which Type of Bike to Buy
How to Do a Wheelie on a Bike
How to Do an Endo or Stoppie on a Bike
How to Buy a Bike Computer
How to Buy a Bike Indoor Trainer
How to Buy a Bike Rack for Your Car
Suspension Parts and Maintenance

Tuning and Adjusting Coil, Air-Sprung Forks
Tuning and Adjusting Rear Suspension
Adjust Damping Compression
Adjust Damping Rebound
Front Sag Setting Tips
Front Suspension Systems
Damper Tips
Front Sag Setting Tips
Front Suspension Systems
Front Suspension Tips
Rear Sag Setting Tips
Rear Suspension Systems
Rear Suspension Tips
Suspension Ported Dampers
Suspension Systems
Tire Pressure Tips
Tire Selection Tips
Tire Tricks & Selection Tips
Wet Roads Safety Tips
Rear Sag Setting Tips
Tires in Wet Conditions
Front Sag for Mountain Bikes
Tips for Damping Settings
Tips for Mountain Bike Suspension Dampers
Tube vs. Tubeless Bicycle Tires
Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires
Types of Mountain Bike Dampers
Types of Mountain Bike Tires

Advanced DIY Repairing

The Complete Guide to Derailleurs
The Quick Release, Spokes, Hubs, Rims and Wheel Truing
Maintain and Upgrade Callipers, V-Brakes Cable and Hydraulic Disc Brakes
The Drive Train – Maintain and Upgrade
Working with Cranks, Chain Rings
Care and Maintenance for a Mountain Bike
Choose Gears for Mountain Bikes
External Ball Bearing and Mountain Biking Tips
Function of Bolt Circle BCD
Install External Ball Bearings
Install ISIS & the Chai
Install Square Taper Cranks
Remove External Bearing Cranks
Remove ISIS from a Mountain Bike
Remove Square Taper Crank
What are Crank and Bottom Bracket
What are External Bearing Cranks
What is the Bolt Circle BC & the Chainguide
Adjust Stem Height on a Mountain Bike
Adjust the Headset on Mountain Bikes
Bed In New Brake Pads
Bleed Brakes with Avid System
Bleed Brakes with Hytes System
Different Headsets for Mountain Bikes
Different Systems For a Mountain Bike
How Do Hydraulic Calipers Work
Overview of Brake System
Overview on Headset System
Remove & Replace Brake Pads
Remove Mountain Bike Wheels
Replace Brake Pads on Hayes System Bikes
Downhill Mountain Biking Brakes
Replace Brakes on Mountain Bikes
Tips for Removing Brake Pads
Tips for When To Replace Brakes
Types of Headsets
What are Hydraulic Calipers

Cyclocross Bikes

Advice and Chain Retention Tips
Advice and Gearing Size Tips
How to Adjust Clincher Tire Pressure
How to Adjust Handlebar Controls
How to Adjust Handlebar Width
How to Adjust Seat Height
How to Adjust Tubular Tire Pressure
How to Change a Road Bike to a Cyclocross Bike
How to Distribute Weight on Cyclocross Bikes
How to Select Tire Tread
How to Set Up Cyclocross Bike Brakes
How to Tweak Brake Setup
How to Tweak Cable Routing

Road Bike Maintenance

Adjusting Threaded Headsets
Choose the Right Pedals for a Road Bike
Create a Road Bike Checklist
How to Inflate your Tires
How to Make Shift Adjustments
How to Measure your Bicycle Seat Height
How to Ride a Road Bike
How to Set Up a Bicycle Chain
How to Shift a Road Bike
Learn Regular Maintenance for Road Bikes
Learn Road Bike Gearing Tips
Learn Road Bike Information
Learn Sitting Positions
Learn the Parts of a Road Bike
Learn Tips for Road Bike Chains
Understand the Lifespan of a Tire

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